The Ultimate Analytics & Reporting Software For Ecommerce Marketers


Target individual customer segments

Segmented campaigns can increase revenue by as much as 760%. Personalize your selling strategy based on attributes unique to each customer such as VIP Customers, Value Shoppers, Most Active Customers and more.

Convert More Opportunities With Smarter Marketing

Learn when to offer a discount, when to charge full price, or when to change nothing at all based on your customer segments.


Increase Your Average Order Value

Use bundling recommendations to see products that are frequently purchased together. Increase the number of items sold in a single order and watch your average order value grow.

Tailor Channel And Device Strategy

Bring your most profitable selling opportunities to life by understanding product volume and profitability by channel and device.

Cultivate Loyal Customers

Reward Your VIP Customers

The top 10% of your customers likely generate an outsized portion of your total revenue. Make these customers your brand ambassadors by requesting reviews, likes, referrals or survey submissions.

Generate More Repeat Purchases

View and manage new customers to increase the odds that they return for a second purchase.

Target At-Risk Or Lost Customers

Don’t neglect the potential value of customers that have gone cold. Target these individuals with a win-back campaign to keep them active.

Personalize Product Recommendations

Customize your outbound campaigns to show each customer the item they are most likely to purchase. Watch your conversion rate rise with product suggestions and targeted messaging.

Manage Products More Profitably


Market the right products in the right channels

Which products are good candidates for paid search? Which are better for email campaigns? Balance the expense associated with each channel with conversion rates to arrive at the perfect marketing strategy.

Segment Products To Understand Strategic Needs For Each Type Of Product

Product categorizations provide you with an understanding of products that are cold, hot, or that are generating the most cash for your store. Use this information to create accurate and reliable product strategies.

Incorporate Cost of Goods Sold data

Optimize marketing campaigns by understanding how the cost and sales volume of each product impacts the cash available for advertising.

Track Your Inventory And Manage Seasonal Fluctuations

Prepare inventory for peak sales periods to make sure your hottest products are flying off the shelf.